Covid 19

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to announce that after receiving an official memo from the Ministry of Education & Higher Education, students will be in 100% school attendance, from this Sunday 13th February 2022!

All students of Spectra Global School, at all academic levels, must take a rapid antigen test at home weekly, to allow them to enter the school building, provided that the examination is carried out within 48 hours before returning to school, at maximum.

The rapid antigen test will be performed at home, and the result of the examination brought with the student to the school, through the acknowledgment form signed by the guardian that the home examination is carried out during the weekend, on Friday or Saturday of each week.

Please click on the link to view the video on how to do a Rapid Antigen test at home 

In the event that the result of the home examination is positive, please visit the nearest health center with the student and the sample, to confirm the result of the examination.

Please find below the Declaration  form:
Declaration Form-English

The form is to be filled out by the parents and handed at the school gate entrance every Sunday morning, until further notice. The temperature of the children and Ehteraz status of parents will also be checked.

Please ensure that your son/daughter brings their own, healthy, food and drink.

All primary students must come into school wearing a school mask and a spare mask must be provided. The school will not be providing masks for students for health & safety reasons. Parents will be contacted if a student is not provided with a mask.

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