Qatar Identity

Building a sense of National pride and citizenship plans and procedures

The school’s mission aims to enhance the Qatar national identity, loyalty, and belonging, preserve cultural and social heritage, display noble morals and equip students with positive skills.
The school works to instill Qatari culture and identity in students between the ages of 3 to 11 years old. The school exerts efforts to reinforce the social customs that characterize the Qatari identity, whether in general etiquette or the etiquette of dialogue, listening, speaking and asking permission, in addition to the etiquette of acquaintance and respect, and how to deal with others. As well as enhancing the social status of family members, national identity, loyalty and the sense of belonging, ethics of hospitality, generosity, good reception. Also, providing students with the skills of preparing and serving coffee through practical applications and role-play. This has had the biggest impact on the behavior of the students, where these measures
have had a positive effect on all aspects of social, behavioral and cultural life. The parent’s feedback was wonderful, as they praised the measures and the great positive effect that it has had on the behavior of their Children.
The students are involved in activities that promote Qatari culture and values. The teaching and learning plans also incorporate the Qatari values and ethics in school. The school engages with the social community activities and actively
participates in them. The school also has prayer rooms in each building (now closed due to COVID-19 precautions) which are used to encourage the students to pray on time in school.

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