Vision & Mission And Objectives


To be a welcoming and diverse international school that nurtures students to acquire, articulate and establish the necessary skills and knowledge to become a citizen in a global environment.

To create an inclusive environment of responsibility, respect and tolerance, based on Qatari values, for all members of the school community. To deliver an in-depth consistent learning program, which provides opportunities to display their learnings.


1. To enable students to think critically to explore and analyze the possible solutions in curriculum as well as living.
2. To get an understanding of Scientific, Mathematical, Linguistic, Performance and Visual Artistic skills through Emotional skills and improvise them.
3. To work towards progress and attainment in curriculum and life.
4. To learn to accept diversity and differences , develop tolerance and respect towards any culture traditions, practicesrace, religion,
ethnicitylanguagegender and individuals.
5. To grow sustainable development with empathy and leadership 
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